Sterling Silver Circle Necklace with Rainbow Pearl

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This handmade sterling silver circle with pearl necklace was fabricated and forged by my hand. It is slightly asymmetrical, and the thickness varies. It is a one of a kind handmade creation, and the rainbow pearl silver circle pendant will never be exactly duplicated. A single freshwater pearl with a beautiful rainbow luster accents the highly polished modern minimalist sterling silver circle.
The pearl is about 1/4" in diameter. The handmade sterling silver circle pendant is approximately 1 1/4" in diameter and slightly oval. It is a modern sculptural interpretation of a classic design.
This minimalist silver necklace with freshwater pearl pendant hangs from an 18" box chain. If you would like a different chain or longer length, please contact me. I have several chain options available.
Handmade in the USA, this sterling silver circle necklace will be shipped in a gift box. Shipping overseas is complicated, International shoppers please contact me with your location for shipping details.

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