Pyrite Sterling Silver Circle Dangle Earrings

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These pyrite sterling silver circle dangle earrings have a modern metal look.  The faceted pyrite beads shine shades of golden bronze. The pyrite cubes dangle from oxidized hand hammered sterling silver circles on long kidney wires. Pyrite is also know as fool's gold for it's golden appearance. The pyrite dangle earrings are a unique minimalist earring design. The oxidized silver is almost black in these modern metal earrings. These handmade silver geometric earrings are a one of a kind design.
The faceted pyrite cube beads are about 1/4" (7mm) in diameter and are heavy for their size. The sterling silver circles are 1/2" (14mm) in diameter, the overall length is about 2" (50mm).
Handmade in the USA, these earrings will be shipped in a gift box at no charge to addresses in the USA. Please write if you have any questions, I love hearing from customers!
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