Modern Abstract Design Sterling Silver Earrings

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The modern abstract design sterling silver earrings are an original design. Shimmery abstract design sterling silver modern earrings, cast and polished, dangle from your earlobes like pools in the sunlight. I was inspired by the shimmering rings of a pond when you toss a pebble into the water to make this abstract shape and cast it in silver. Shiny sterling silver is a classic addition to your jewelry collection. These unique modern design sterling silver earrings in will complement all of your favorite outfits.

These minimalist sterling silver earrings dangle on sterling kidney wires which are 1 1/4" long. The abstract design  castings are about 3/4" in diameter, earring overall length is just under 2". Other ear wires are available, just contact me for details if you would like something different. I have many styles available. 

Handmade in USA, shipped in a gift box. International shoppers, please contact me, regulations are very complicated and shipping costs vary widely.