About Us

My father was one of those men who was great at tinkering and building things and I was often at his side observing. So it was natural for me to become creative and a "maker". I became enthralled with jewelry making at an early age. I believe I was only 14 or15 when my art teacher first put a piece of copper one hand and a jeweler's saw in the other.  After being enchanted by the song of the saw, the next step was to be captivated by the ring of the hammer on the metal. I don't see just a blank sheet of silver, I see all of the possibilities that can come to life. Add a splash of color from gemstones or a unique combination beads and something new and wonderful is born. Personal adornment is unique music for the soul.
I find my inspiration everyday in what I see. Nature has been a great resource for my designs. I'm tickled by the fact that my acorns have been sent to people all over the world. I'm truly happy when a customer finds something I have created that calls out their true spirit. Handmade by me, just for you,


Some items have been crafted by my long time friend and inspirational partner, Jeff Glockson. Jeff is a renown sculptor and mold maker. He was instrumental in helping me develop my acorn designs. I'm thrilled to be adding his wearable art to my shop. I hope you love what you see!