Green Peridot and Freshwater Pearl Minimalist Necklace

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The green peridot and freshwater pearl minimalist necklace is a one of a kind design from my studio. This necklace features lovely gemstone green peridot faceted briolettes which sparkle with celery green freshwater pearls in this minimalist gemstone and pearl necklace. This minimalist necklace is a very feminine design in pale shades of green. this necklace is the perfect peridot gemstone birthstone jewelry gift for your favorite girl friend born in August.
This peridot and pearl necklace is very feminine. The pearls are about 4mm, there are seven pearls to the inch. The fresh green sparkling peridot briolettes are about 6mm. Tiny sterling silver balls add a bit of shine. This green choker necklace is a beautiful soft shade of green that may be perfect for your wedding or other special occasion.Handmade in USA, shipped in a gift box from my studio. This peridot and pearl necklace will be shipped at no charge to USA addresses.   Please write if you have any questions.